True Storytelling Events in Oakland



About the Show:

StorySlam Oakland is Oakland’s longest-running true storytelling show, where people tell short and true stories from their lives. Or just listen and laugh. The theme changes every month.
This month’s theme is:


When: Wed. May 22

Where: The Sound Room, 3022 Broadway, Oakland

Time: Doors open at 6:30PM, show begins at 7:30.

There is excellent food and drink available from the Sound Room cafe.
The venue is wheelchair accessible. There will be one intermission.

Featured Storyteller: Matt Gubser

Matt Gubser

Matt Gubser

Matt has been part of SF Weekly’s “Best of the Bay” and was named “Comedian’s Comedian” in the Bay Area Stand Up Comedy Awards. His first special, “Daddy Issues” can be seen on Next Up Comedy. His most recent album, “Before He Was Famous,” reached #2 on Amazon Music’s comedy chart. He is a San Francisco Bay Area comic who performs across the country (and even internationally every once in a while). Touching on topics ranging from parenting, dating, sex, politics, & religion, he intermingles personal anecdotes and biting social commentary, all couched in a comfortable, relaxed delivery.
This is Matt’s first time telling a true personal story at StorySlam Oakland.

How The Show Works

Anybody can put their name in the hat for a chance to tell their true, personal story on the theme.
We present one pre-booked Featured Storyteller from our wonderful storytelling community. These are people who have won awards at various shows, or just are known to us for their great storytelling style and charisma. The Featured Storytellers tell true, personal stories, but a little longer than the open-mic stories. They normally close out the show.

Sometimes people show up in the audience who we know are really fun storytellers, and we may pull one of them up as a “special guest” and bypass the hat. All the other storytellers are pulled at random from the names in the hat. We usually have time for 8 to 10 storytellers at each show.

StorySlam Oakland rules for storytelling:

  • Put your name in the hat for a chance to tell
  • Stories must be about YOU
  • Stories must be TRUE
  • Keep it short! Length should be about 5 to 6 minutes, but no longer
  • Stories must be told aloud, not read and NO notes! Tell it just like you’re telling friends around a dinner table.

No pressure! Just have fun. There is no voting and no judging.